Obsidian Cove is a coastline city, backed by a massive, and violent volcano. This volcano wiped out the former city of Smithereens, with one of it's smallest eruptions to date, and Obsidian cove was built on top of the volcanic glass that formed shortly after the eruption.


The people of Obsidian Cove are a violent and war like civilization. They wage a war on thier own country, in which they have made some progress with, expanding thier city limits a large amount within a few years. The culture is slightly more adanced than modern day, but it is widely believed that they are still in the dark ages because of thier combat tactics.


The miltary of Obsidian Cove is a simple one. Even though they have the technology to make firearms, they still prefer melee weapons such as swords and axes. This is mostly because if thier ferocity and mentality in battle, and believe that if you are to kill someone, you should do so in close combat, bringing your skill against thier skill, to see who deserves to live. Even if that is true, the military is not foolish enough to go without a ranged attack system, but they still refuse to use thier technology, and prefer to use bows and crossbows. The forces do have a ranking system, but, even so, almost all high ranking soldiers, such as Champions (generals), still fight in the battle. A warrior is usually promoted in rank for their combat abilitis.

The most dominant faction of the Obsidian Cove Forces is indeed the foot soldiers, however they do have a considerable Navy, to protect thier shores. What they lack in air force, is made up for with the country's poor air force in general. However, what they do use in airforce is usually used to drop troops off in mid battle.Because of this, their soldiers can naturally fall quite a distance without being hurt.

Trump CardEdit

One of the biggest reasons the city can expand is because of the volcano. Being big enough to take out most of the country is is were to go off, it is a massive threat to have battles near, because there is always a chance the battle could send some tremors that set it off. It is said that the military has the technology to control when the volcano will erupt. So if anyone were to attack, and were on the brink of winning, the Cove could just set the volcano off, and be rid of most of the country, perhaps all of it. However, this is just a rumor, and there is no proof behind it.

Notable PeopleEdit

-Colten Green