Zion Concept Art

Zion Kudo is part of the main cast, working under Menola Soto. He is the foster father of Marika Kudo. Zion is willing to protect any woman, and it's through this that he became Marika's foster father. Zion is based of the author (Brandon Cook).

Apperance Edit

Zion is often shown wearing a high collared, white coat with a black trim, white pants, black boots, and a grey cloak. He carries a black umbrella, containing his sword. Zion has medium length, brown hair and black rimmed glasses. He is the tallest member of the team he blongs to, and currently the only male.

Personality Edit

Zion is typically short tempered, except when dealing with most girls, Marika and other young girls in particular. He always feels obligated to protect girls, and refuses to fight them, even when they attack him first. Towards men however, he is generally more aggresive and violent, and won't pull any punches. Zion is additionally lazy, sarcastic, and often points out people's flaws, which annoys many other characters.